Movies & Music Videos

Original Swimming Party – Biggest Curse


The Crown II (Netflix) – Research, music co-creation and choreography for 2 scenes in Papua New Guinea and Tonga. Release date: December 2017

The Indian Detective I (CTV + Netflix) – Swing dance scene with Russel Peters and Anupam Kher. Release date: November 2017

Natalie and Russel Peters.

Natalie with Russel Peters

N8N music video – Cape Town

Blood Drive (American sci-fi) – choreographed Tango for characters Dom and Cliff

Dabka – Director Bryan Buckley – Choreographed Somalian market scene

Lindiwe Suttle – Man Made Moon

Freshly Ground – Chicken to Change

The Suitcase Hearts – Caravan

The Clan of the Cave Bear – choreography

 Le Lion with Alain Delon 2003 – choreographed the battle