Natalie’s CV



April 2022

  • Choreographed and Styled piece for Annemancelebrates @Tamryn Green and Zee Nxumalo’s Wedding at Quoin Rock
  • Workshops at UCT for 3rd 2nd and 4th years
  • teaching at LAMTA

March 2022

  • Produced and directed Event For Adele Blank’s 80th birthday party at Zip Zap Circus Dome
  • Project Panda , booked as Intimacy co-ordinator for 1 day shoot with lead actor Aidan Scott

February 2022

  • choreographed 2 wedding dances for Brides and Grooms
  • created a piece with 2 Ballet dancers at Groot Constatia for FESTIVAL OF DREAMS
  • Uct teaching
  • LAMTA teaching

January 2022

  • Teaching Jazz level 1,2 &3 at LAMTA

November 2021

  • Lamta Jazz level 1 ,2 &3 students graduated
  • UCT P2 students completed their course and graduated

October 2021

  • Intimacy co ordinator for “The Umbrella Men”  film  production company Known Associates Director John Barker.
  • Intimacy co ordinator with Kate Lush ,on 1 scene of THE POWER netflix series . Film africa  and Sister. Director Neasa Hardman

September 2021

  • Famous Footwear tvc for USA and Canada . performed as Librarian  production company STILL KING
  • Teaching at Lamta Level  1, 2. 3 creating Syllabus with Duane Alexander.
  • Teaching 2nd years at Uct

August 2021

  • Teaching technique classes for 2nd Semester at Uct and LAMTA
  • Onset for intimacy co ordination for TROUKOORS netflix series  director Nina Swart Infinity Films
  • Kissing Booth 3 release . Onset choreographer Director Vince Marcello . Netflix Movie

July 2021

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series (Unveiling Samsung) TVC  Choreographed . Director John S Parks. Production company Network
  •  Interview for newspaper article
  • Teaching  LAMTA technique classes

May 2021

  • “Venus Flytrap” Netflix series  choreographer for scene with Paola Nunez
  • Lecturing at UCT for 4th years and 2nd years choreography
  • Teaching at LAMTA 1st ,2nd and 3rd years
  • “Venus Fly trap” Netflix series intimacy co ordinator for scene with lead actress

April 2021

  • “Darkroom Contemporary” “Memory House”   Rehearsal Director
  • Venus Flytrap on set movement coach for Zeros
  • Lecturing at UCT for 4th years and 2nd years choreography
  • Teaching at LAMTA 1st ,2nd and 3rd years

March 2021

  • Teaching at LAMTA  1st ,2nd and 3rd years
  • Lecturer at UCT for 2nd years choreography
  • Shooting Venus Flytrap , Netflix series. Movement creator of the “ZEROS”

February 2021

  • Venus Flytrap Netflix Series . Created a movement language for the “Zeros”, through a 3 week workshop , in collaboration with Bronwen Hughes (director)
  • Teaching at LAMTA Jazz , and collaborating with Director Duane Alexander to create a Syllabus

January 2021

  • Teaching at LAMTA For the Jazz module levels 1,2,3
  • Hitchat . Ran Bootcamp for all the contestants for T-POP project

December 2020

  • Ford Kuga commercial . Cyclone Films production company , on camera performance
  • Coke Promise commercial . Gate house production company.  on camera performance

November 2020

  • Yoga Choreo for NIVEA MAGNESIUM  director Nolan Roff. production co. CASTA DIVA
  • External exmainer for LAMTA Level 1, 2 and 3
  • Teaching online for dancers in Beirut , Bucharest, Durban, Capetown and Johannesburg

October 2020

  • Rehearsal director for Dark Room theatre company.  Deus Ex Machina
  • Checkers Xmas campaign .tvc Director Amy Allais
  • taught at Lamta onsite Level 2s and Level 3s
  • online classes for Siwela Sonke ( group in Durban)

September 2020

  • Online classes for Siwela Sonke (group in Durban)
  • taught classes at LAMTA Level 2s and Level 3s
  • Assisted with teaching the Jeruselema for the SA Film industry on Her5tage day

August 2020

  • Checkers little seedlings . Director Amy Allais production company Ola Films

July 2020

  • Always commercial for Kenya .Director Amy Allais production company Eye love Films

April 2020

  • Teaching all classes on Zoom and training people online

March 2020

  • Started working on Spier Harvest Festival of the Arts with Brett Bailey………postponed due to COVID19
  • Created video for classes to be available online

February 2020

  • Choreographed and collaborated with Director Gerhard Pretorious  for Fuel-Content . “GIRL EFFECT”

January 2020

  • Styled and choreographed for after party and Colin Cowie’s wedding at Boschendal wine Estate


November 2019

  • choreographed PEPSICO RECYCLING COMMERCIAL for middle east . Director Amy Allias  shot in Istanbul . Deja Vu productions
  • Choreographed Winning Show for Hair Stylist Of the Year. at Lyric theatre in Johannesburg for Pasquale hair Salon.

October 2019

  • movement co ordination for VUE commercial . director Jake Scott Ridley ..Farm Films productions
  • choreographed Genesis Car commercial  Global . director Kim Geldenhys 0307 productions

September 2019

  • choreographed Deezer commercial in Beirut  for Middle east region. director Daniel Marcos . Stoked productions

August 2019

  • research in NYC … and music

June – July 2019

  • Choreographer and on set shooting for KISSING BOOTH 2 and KISSING BOOTH  3 director Vince Marello for Netflix

May 2019

  • Choreographer and movement coach and rehearsal director for KISSING BOOTH 2 and KISSING BOOTH  3 director Vince Marello for Netflix

April 2019

  • Choreographer and movement coach and rehearsal director for KISSING BOOTH 2 and KISSING BOOTH 3 director Vince Marello for Netflix
  • movement workshops for WARRIOR SEASON 2 for HBO and MOONLIGJTING FILMS

March 2019

  • Intimacy co-ordinator and movement coach for “Warrior” HBO Series
  • Choreographing TV commercial for Ola Films “Kinder JOy”
  • Choreography and movement design for the  “Banana Splits” . Movie directed by Danishka Esterhazy . For Blue Ice Afrika productions

February 2019

  • Workshops at UCT dance
  • Choreographed and movement design “Banana Splits” . Movie directed by Danishka Esterhazy . For Blue Ice Afrika productions
  • Intimacy Co-ordinator and movement coach for  ” Warrior” HBO series

January 2019

  • Training with Alicia Rodis from HBO on Intimacy Co ordination for Movie Sets
  • Teaching Open Classes for Uct students and other professional dancers

November 2018

  • Ackermans Campaign . choreographed and was AD for director Chris Saunders Ola Films
  • Haagendazs (Colours of Summer) director Sophie Edelstein. Rocket Films
  • Choreographed 2 wedding dances for Bride and Groom

October 2018

  • Edgars “Own the Summer ” Campaign featuring Sho Madjosi director Sam Coleman Giant Films (choreographed)
  • External examiner for UCT 2nd 3rd 4th year dance students
  • Noughts and Crosses (Series) featured perfomance in one scene

August 2018

  • Teaching Improv classes at Uct 1st year students
  • Teaching Open dance classes around Cape Town.

July 2018

  • Reworked  “Kaapse Stories” musical at The Rockwell Theatre
  • Capfin TVC and online commercial  . Ola Films . Director Amy Allais

June 2018

  • Mr Muscle Commerials , Asia , Egypt and Nigeria for Ola Films. Director Chris Saunders

May 2018

  • Invited to be External Examiner for University of Cape Town Dance department . 2nd , 3rd and 4th year’s mid year exams


  • Tribute for Johaar Mosaval (Journey) commissioned by Cape Town City Ballet and Grant Van der Ster to choreograph “THE SOLO” for Shaun Oeluf
  • Checkers Little Garden Commercial for Ola Films, Director Amy Allais.

February/March 2018

  •  Created “OUR CALL FOR RAIN”  an ongoing project of awareness . with Adele Blank , Maxwell Rani , Su Lubner , Zolani Mahola and Ernestine Deane .  Shared with Dancers from all over the world at Artscape Theatre for SAIBC (South African international Ballet Competion)
  • Assistant rehearsal director for Darkroom Contemporary’s IN C I Double Bill with Director Louise Coetzer for Dance Umbrella Festival and Centre for the Less Good Idea, in Johannesburg  and Magnet Theatre in Cape Town in March 2018
  • Teaching at CAPA and UCT

January 2018

  • Movement workshop for Actors on Warrior. Director, Loni Peristere.

December 2018 

  • Choreographed movement and performed in IBM’s Blockchain TV commercial, Director Marco Spier from Psyop production company New York. Ad agency, Ogilvy. Local production company, Gate House.

November 2017

  • Choreographed Tango Piece with a live band for an event at Boschendal wine estate for Tones of Note
  • Movement coach for actors in 2 scenes for Warrior – a new series for HBO. Production company, Moonlighting. Director, Ian Gabriel.

October 2017

  • New Telkom TVC for Romance Films production company,  director Greg Grey. 
  • External Examiner for CAPA 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-year students (Contemporary)

September 2017

  • Performed in I WishProduced by Yarisha Singh and co-directed with Adele Blank, Lexi Parolis and Geoff Hyland. Photography Danie Coetzee
  • Choreographed music video for Original Swimming Party – Biggest Curse (featuring Moonchild)

August 2017

  • Choreographed a Flash Mob for a private function in Cape Town

April 2017

  • The Way of The Rain – Cultural Summit Abu Dhabi. Choreography and dancer. Artist & Artistic Director Sibylle Szaggars Redford – Musicians Dave Eggar, Chuck Palmer and Will Calhoun. Videographer – Karsten Staiger
  • Checkers TVC – Ola Films – Director Amy Allais

March 2017

  • Lays Karaoke TVC (Russian/British/Mexican)  Moonlighting Productions – Director Oskar Bard
  • ARAG TVC (haka haka) Germany – Farm films Productions – Director Matthaus Bussman

February 2017

  • N8N music video Cape Town choreography. Artist N8N, produced by Andre Harris, co-written by Carmen Reece, Andre Harris and Alvin Isaacs. 
  • The swing dance scene in The Indian Detective series starring Russel Peters and Anupam Kher. Director Sandy Johnson. Production Houses – Out of Africa, Wonder Films, Big light Productions and Blue Ice pictures.

January 2017

  • Macbeth Opera – Vancouver Tour – Stage Production for Brett Bailey

November/December 2016

  • The Crown II (Netflix series) – Director Phillip Martin. Choreographed Papua New Guinea and Tonga – researched and co-created the music and the dance for these 2 scenes
  • Blood Drive (American sci-fi series) – Director Gregg Simon. Choreographed Tango for characters Dom and Cliff

October 2016

  • Superbalist TVC (Ola Productions) – Director Chris Saunders. Choreography
  • Pole Factor – Choreographed winning piece for contestant in the artistic category

Sept 2016

  • Cities Cop 17 – Choreographed and directed opening show for 3000 delegates at Sandton Convention Centre
  • Sanlam TVC (0307 Productions) – Choreographed greek wedding scene with director Kim Geldenhuys

July -August 2016

  • RIO 2016  – Olympic Opening ceremony with Roger Titley

May 2016

  • KFC playground (Velocity Films) – Director – Kieth Rose,. Assistant choreographer
  • Checkers Little Price and Little Brands (Ola Films) – Director Amy Allais
  • Macbeth (third world bunfight) Macau tour – Director Brett Bailey

April 2016

  • Ambrosia Delux and Frozen commercials for UK (Agile Films & Orange Films) – Director Ben Whitehouse. Choreographed 2 commercials with musicians
  • THE PIRATES OF SOMALIA movie  Director Bryan Buckley. Lead actor & actress -Al Pacino  Evan Peters and Sabina Abdule. Choreographed the Somalian market scene with 30 Somalian schoolgirls

February 2016

  • Reworking Macbeth with Brett Bailey for the world tour of 2016

January 2016

  • Casting Director for Emo Raddox (Monkey Films) – Director Daniel Wolfe

December 2015

  • Directed and choreographed the winning Avante Garde piece for Hair Stylist of the Year – Maretha Van Wyk at Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City, Johannesburg
  • Commercial with Ballet Dancers for Pandora’s Jewelry for Mothers Day (Navigator Films) – Director Martin Werner

November 2015

  • Commercial 888 Casino (Farm Films) – Director David Gamble

October 2015

  • Invited by ZIP ZAP to adjudicate their performers final year
  • Invited to assess all the CAPA students 1st 2nd and 3rd year, in release technique
  • Directed Flash Mob for Art Gallery Exhibition
  • Always CC7 commercial for Nigeria and Kenya (Golden Planes Productions & Leo Burnett) – Director Porteus Xandau

September 2015

  • Co-ordinated commercial for Velocity Mitchells Plein Festival – Director Jonathan
  • Choreographed and co-directed music video for Suitcase Hearts
  • Reworked Macbeth with Brett Bailey for the 6-week world tour

August 2015

  • Always commercial in Lebanon with Director Danielle Rizkallah for Independent Productions & Leo Burnett Agency

June – August 2015

  • Clan of the Cave Bear movie – Director Pierre Morel for Moonlighting productions. Producer Ron Howard

May 2015

  • Vodacom Slaaptiger commercial for Velocity films – Director Leigh Oglivy

April 2015

  • Castle Lite Ice Republic commercial for egg films – Director Jason Fialkov
  • Savanna commercial assisting Vanessa Briely on choreography and ran all castings and rehearsals

March 2015

  •  Produced all shows at South African Fashion Week for Lucilla Booysens

February 2015

  • Reworked Macbeth for next tour for Director Brett Bailey.
  • Caltex Australia launch at Sun City. Co-choreographed with David Matemela. Conceived and directed by Natalie Fisher and Roger Titley creatures – dancers and Soweto Gospel Choir for Fried Glass productions.

December 2014

  • Fashion show for Yoga funk

November 2014

  • Hair Stylist of the Year show choreographed the winning show for Natascha Lovell and Yvonne Bryson from Pasquale hair salon

October 2014

  • Produced all shows for South African Fashion Week in Johannesburg with Lucilla Booysens
  • Regiments Capital launch in Johannesburg for Twyne productions with Roger Titley. Choreographed the creatures

September 2014

  • Bion commercial with Ola Films director Amy Allais shot in Johannesburg
  • Reworked Macbeth in Cape Town for European and Russian tour director Brett Bailey
  • September launch for Alan Glass at Summerplace in Johannesburg with Roger Titley and creatures

June 2014

May 2014

  • Pam Golding Gala Dinner  – choreographed a piece for the MANCO to perform.
  • Judged the Rocking the Fynbos event at Arabella spa in Hermanus
  • CTM show in Kruger Park. Directed and conceived alongside Roger Titley. Choreographed singers dancers puppets for a project involving saving the Rhino

April 2014

  • Easter Weekend Show and workshops in Wilderness with Roger Titley, Mapumba Cilombo and Duane Lawrence and the Ubuntu BBoys at the Touwsranten community hall

March 2014

  • Rehearsals for 5 weeks with Brett Bailey for Macbeth production. Choreography and movement coordinator.
  • Shoot for Carling Black Label for Giant Films directed by Sam Coleman

February – April 2014

January 2014

  • Choreographed NBS TV commercial with Norwegian Director Aksel for Juice films.


  • Dubai World Trade Centre – Roger Titley’s creatures. Choreographing movement for dancers to operate puppets for the Lateefah Bint Maktoums wedding production.
  • New Year’s Eve: Toya Delazy at The Grand Parade in Cape Town – performance with dancers, backup singers and band
  • Performance at The Grand Parade in Cape Town for Mandela’s tribute at the end of his funeral ceremony. Choreographed by Adele Blank, performed a pas de deux with a praise poet
  • Toya Delazy rehearsals for New Year’s Eve in Cape Town
  • .horeographed, rehearsed and staged by Natalie FisherHouse of the Holy Afro directed by Brett Bailey for Festival Du Autumn in Paris
  • Mercedes AMG launch in Cape Town – choreographed pas de deux, produced and directed by Jan Malan
  • Toya Delazy and dancers, backing vocalists for live performances
  • Adele Blank Tribute Blank Page at Market Theatre Johannesburg
  • Toya Delazy for Amstel Gold performance in Moratela Park
  • Toya Delazy with dancers and backing vocals for live shows
  • Blank Page in full rehearsals and pre-production
  • Started Rehearsals for Blank Page and producing the show
  • Edgars I’m too sexy for my shirt commercial – Director Juniper (Biskope Films)
  • Yellow pages commercial (Velocity Films) – Director Anton Visser
  • Hisense opening in Atlantis with Roger Titley
  • Martin Seeds commercial with Russian Director Sasha
  • Camay commercials for Ola Films – Director Amy Alais
  • Opening ceremony for African Cup of Nations at Soccer City in Johannesburg with Roger Titley


  • New Year’s Eve exclusive party in Plettenberg Bay. Choreographed and conceived event with 6 dancers at a private farm.
  • Freshly Ground music video Take me to the Dance assisted with movement with director Sam Coleman and Giant Films
  • 41st National day in Dubai for the Sheik. Worked with Roger Titley and the Camel Puppets
  • Taught weekly company class at IKapa Dance Theatre
  • Last performance for Moyo
  • Green Tie event in Cape Town for the winemakers from around the world at the Lookout venue. Choreographed and conceived all the entertainment alongside Brett Bailey. Hip hop breaking, pantsula gumboot, contemporary, opera and Mbhube
  • Celebration of Sound (fundraiser for Cochlea implants) at Moyo Spier, put all the entertainment together
  • Choreographed Always commercial for Independent Productions in Beirut, for the Egypt and Pakistan market – Director Amy Alais
  • Preproduction and rehearsal for a theatre production at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg. Pasquale choreographed and directed, 10 dancers, 50 models, mime artists aerial acts.
  • Assistant choreographer to Adele Blank for the Playhouse Residency Programme in Durban
  • Running workshops at Afrika Tikkun Community Centre in Delft
  • Beaver Falls – Choreographed Cheerleading scene for Out of Africa Films
  • Vivo Polo commercial in Johannesburg with Ola Films. Choreographed the vogue’ing.
  • Cape Town Jazz Festival Choreographed Lindiwe Suttle’s full performance with 5 dancers
  • Choreographed the new Liquifruit commercial with Cab Films
  • Choreographed Mr Lovinator Mer commercial for Orange Films
  • Creating and choreographing Lindiwe Suttle’s live show to perform worldwide.


  • Choreographed and directed Moyo Christmas Show
  • Music video for Lindiwe Suttle’s GPSing
  • Johnson and Johnson’s Woman of Colour commercial with Ola Films  – Director Amy Alais, in Limpopo
  • Invited to choreograph Independence Day event in Turkmenistan alongside puppeteer Roger Titley.
  • Choreographed Always commercial for Twin Films for Nigeria
  • Choreographed Game commercial for Ola Films
  • Choreographed a piece for Lindiwe Suttle (female vocalist) for her performance in Germany
  • Worked with Freshly Ground (South African band) on their North American show.
  • Schweppes Novida commercial and worked very closely with director Amy Alias (Ola Films)
  • HIFA (Harare International Festival Of The Arts) Festival Zimbabwe. Choreographed the opening ceremony (musical theatre with an edge) alongside Brett Bailey the director.
  • Was commissioned by the Africa Centre and Brett Bailey to be a Jeweler and create 3 pieces for Infecting the City Festival in Cape Town.


  • Created events for Moyo Spier in Cape Town, theatre pieces, dance and choir.
  • Cotton Club Moves assistant director and choreographer to Adele Blank for Free Flight Dance company at Baxter Theatre in Cape Town for a month
  • Toured to Copenhagen with House of the Holy Afro as tour director and choreographer
  • Freshly Ground’s new music video Chicken to Change working with the Puppets from ZA News and choreographed for the band
  • World Cup Closing Ceremony – Choreographed Elephants working alongside Roger Titley the designer and creator of the creatures
  • Worked with Freshly Ground and Shakira and her choreographer for the closing ceremony of the Waka Waka song
  • Rehearsed and re-worked House of the Holy Afro with Brett Bailey. Went on tour with the company for 6 weeks in Johannesburg at the Market Theatre, during the Soccer World Cup
  • Daddy Cool commercial for Vodacom with OLA films. Shot for 5 days and worked with all types of people from various cultures within South Africa, non-dancers who were rehearsed for 7 days prior to the shoot, bringing out their own uniqueness within their diverse cultures
  • Shoot for international British commercial Go Compare. Worked with British opera singer and choreographed a series of 3 commercials
  • Created a piece for Infecting The City Festival and choreographed a piece for Windows to a World directed by Adele Blank
  • Directed, choreographed and conceptualised the soiree event at the World Economic Forum in Davos as part of the South African team. Working with Roger Titley and Moyo


  • Reworking of House Of the Holy Afro in Cape Town with Brett Bailey directing for HIFA Festival in Zimbabwe and Sweden
  • Produced the Moyo 3 Compilation CD
  • Dance Captain for Soweto Story
  • Commissioned by MAC Makeup to choreograph a classical piece using Ballet Theatre Afrikan – Johannesburg
  • Assisted Choreographer Michael Rooney on Halifax Bank commercial – Johannesburg
  • Performed with Free Flight Dance Company for 6 weeks (choreographed and directed by Adele Blank) – Cape Town
  • Choreographed 2 pieces fusing the cultural exchange between Tunisia and South Africa for the Department of Trade and Industry – Pretoria
  • Choreographed for South Africa’s top Afro Pop Band, Freshly Ground – Cape Town
  • Choreographed for 3rd World Bunfight and worked with Director Brett Bailey on House of the Holy Afro – Melbourne, Australia
  • Choreographed the Moyo Cabaret with Director Brett Bailey – Cape Town


  • Evaluated for Cirque Du Soleil, teaching all the choreographies for their South African auditions – Johannesburg
  • Performed with Free Flight Dance Company – Cape Town
  • Choreographed a piece for the German Chamber of Commerce – Johannesburg
  • Commissioned by the Water Board to choreograph a 15 minute piece, Women in Water as well as organize all the Zimbabwean Mbira players – President’s Residence, Pretoria
  • Collaborated with a Zimbabwean choreographer Mathias Julias to choreograph a “Political” piece for Dance Umbrella – Johannesburg


  • Choreographed Le Lion French movie featuring Alain Delon – Various places in South Africa
  • Produced 1 Night at Moyo Live, a live compilation CD of musicians that performed at Moyo Melrose Arch and Moyo Spier – Johannesburg


  • Choreographed Pieces of a Dream for Ballet Theatre Afrikan – Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Johannesburg
  • Produced the 1st Moyo compilation CD

2002 – 2012    

  • Entertainment Director and Choreographer for Moyo Productions


  • Performed for Dutch Choreographer Piet Rogie at the Oudtshoorn Festival – Eastern Cape
  • Collaborated with Jacki Job in a production named Spirit – Cape Town
  • Performed with Free Flight Dance Company in Opera Dido and Aneas – Stellenbosch


  • Conducted workshops in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Worked with Amajika (community project in Johannesburg) training the performers in dance – Johannesburg


  • Compiled a syllabus in modern and contemporary dance for the Dance Department of ProArte Ballet and Music School – Pretoria


  • Appointed Associate Director of Free Flight Dance Company as well as lead performer
  • Choreographed and Trained performers at Sibikwa (a community based project in Benoni) – Johannesburg
  • Performed dance solo in Toulouse, France


  • Performed with Free Flight Dance Company and conducted workshops with Adele Blank – Nairobi, Kenya


  • Choreographed for Free Flight Dance Company Civic Theatre Performances – Johannesburg
  • Toured with Free Flight Dance Company – Germany, Reunion Island, Madagascar, Mauritius, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Cape Town and Grahamstown


  • Joined Bat Sheva Dance Company for 6 months – Israel
  • Performed in ground breaking musical King Afrika – Johannesburg
  • Danced in Movie Chameleon with Lee Van Cleef and Michael Neary – Johannesburg
  • Performed in all Free Flight Productions
  • Danced with Performing Arts Workshop Dance Company for 2 years which later became Free Flight Dance Company – Johannesburg, Cape Town and Grahamstown

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